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Organisation : Teachers’ Recruitment Board, Tripura
Exam : T-TET Paper – I
Paper : Paper—I
Document Type : Previous Question Paper
Year : 2018
Website :

TRB Tripura TET – I Previous Question Paper

** Question Paper of TRB Tripura TET – I Previous Question Paper 20187 is now available in the official website of Teachers’ Recruitment Board, Tripura.

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Instructions for Candidates

1. Use Black Ballpoint Pen only for writing particulars of this Question Booklet and marking responses on the OMR Answer Sheet.
2. This test is of 2 hours and 30 minutes duration and consists of 150 MCQ-type questions.
3. There is no negative marking for any wrong answer.

4. This Question Booklet has Five Parts—I, II, III, IV and V consisting of 150 MCQ-type questions and each question carries 1 mark :
Part–I : Child Development and Pedagogy (Q. Nos. 1–30)
Part–II : Language—I (English) (Q. Nos. 31–60)
Part–III : Language—II (Bengali) (Q. Nos. 61–90)
Part–IV : Mathematics (Q. Nos. 91–120)
Part–V : Environmental Studies (Q. Nos. 121–150)

5. Please ensure that Question Booklet Series-Code is correctly written and shaded on the OMR Answer Sheet.
6. Rough work should be done only in the space provided in the Question Booklet.
7. The answers are to be marked on the OMR Answer Sheet only. Mark your responses carefully since there is no chance of alteration/correction.
8. Use of eraser or whitener is strictly prohibited.
9. Candidates should note that each question in Parts—I, IV and V is given in bilingual form (English and Bengali). In case of any discrepancy or confusion in the medium/ version, the English Version will be treated as the authentic version.

Download Question Paper
2018 :

Child Development & Pedagogy

Part—I :
Directions : Answer the following questions by selecting the correct option.
1. Growth is
(A) qualitative change
(B) quantitative change
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

2. Piaget was a/an
(A) Swiss psychologist
(B) American psychologist
(C) African psychologist
(D) None of the above

3. The test which assesses an individual’s potential to learn a specialized activity is called
(A) aptitude test
(B) attitude test
(C) achievement test
(D) None of the above

4. Cognitive development theory was advocated by
(A) W. G. Köhler
(B) B. F. Skinner
(C) Jean Piaget
(D) None of them

5. Thurstone identified _____ primary mental abilities.
(A) seven
(B) five
(C) three
(D) None of the above

6. Three-dimensional model of intelligence was developed by
(A) Cattell
(B) Thurstone
(C) Guilford
(D) None of them

7. Good habit can be formed in the children by
(A) applying conditioning process
(B) giving strict punishment
(C) giving formal notice
(D) None of the above

8. In the children, overprotectiveness of the parents, brings
(A) honesty
(B) competitive attitude
(C) lack of self-confidence
(D) None of the above

9. If teachers often reject, punish and
tease their students, it leads to
which one of the following
tendencies among the students?
(A) Mental retardation
(B) Inferiority complex
(C) Autism
(D) None of the above

10. Two-factor theory of intelligence was advocated by
(A) Guilford
(B) Galton
(C) Spearman
(D) None of them

11. Nail biting, thumb sucking and restlessness are the behaviours associated with
(A) anxiety
(B) depression
(C) competitive situation
(D) None of the above

12. In Carl Rogers’ theory, the main structure of personality is the
(A) ego
(B) superego
(C) self
(D) None of the above

13. E. M. R. children are
(A) moderately retarded
(B) severely retarded
(C) mildly retarded
(D) None of the above

14. The role of a teacher in a classroom should be
(A) a democratic leader
(B) a director
(C) a dictator
(D) None of the above

15. The problem of mental retardation is attached with
(A) memory
(B) attention
(C) intelligence
(D) None of the above


Language—I English
Directions : Read the passage given below and answer the questions (Q. Nos. 31 to 35) that follow by selecting the correct option.
The most important day I remember in all my life is the one on which my teacher, Anne Mansfield Sullivan, came to me. I amfilled with wonder when I consider the immeasurable contrasts between the two lives which it connects. It was the third of March, 1887, three months before I was seven years old.

36. Take this medicine and you will get rid _____ the bad cold.
(A) from
(B) of
(C) over
(D) at

37. Exercise is beneficial _____ health.
(A) for
(B) in
(C) to
(D) towards

38. The fear that AIDS has broken _____ in India is not unfounded.
(A) off
(B) up
(C) about
(D) out

39. The synonym of ‘exorbitant’ is
(A) ridiculous
(B) odd
(C) strange
(D) excessive

40. The antonym of ‘magnanimous’ is
(A) selfish
(B) naive
(C) generous
(D) insignificant**

41. The poet is
(A) optimistic
(B) pessimistic
(C) ironical in his attitude
(D) None of the above

42. “Let him die”—here ‘him’ refers to
(A) man
(B) the cloud
(C) the sky
(D) the year

44. The poet wishes the bell to ring
(A) loudly
(B) after repeated intervals
(C) softly
(D) noiselessly

45. ‘Redress’ means
(A) sadden
(B) increase
(C) Successed

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