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Organisation : Kerala Public Service Commission
Exam : Village Extension Officer Exam
Document Type : Model Question Paper
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Village Extension Officer Exam Question Paper

Download Question Paper of Village Extension Officer Exam Sample Question is now available in the official website of Kerala Public Service Commission

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Question Paper Code: 62/2019M
Districts: Alappuzha, Kottayam, Thrissur
Maximum : 100 marks
Time : 1 hour and 15 minutes

Model Question

71. ‘‘Don’t lend Arun any money’’, I said to Kavya. ‘‘He never pays his debt’’
The above sentences can be reported as :
(A) I advised Kavya not to lend Arun any money as he never paid his debt
(B) I advised Kavya not to lent Arun any money as he never paid his debt
(C) I advised Kavya not to lend Arun any money as he never pays his debt
(D) I advised Kavya not to lend Arun any money as he always paid debt

72. He hardly ever makes a mistake, ——————
The appropriate question tag for the above sentence is :
(A) did he? (B) doesn’t he?
(C) does he? (D) didn’t he?

Download Question Paper :

73. She is as daft as a brush
The underlined idiom means :
(A) very clever
(B) very intelligent
(C) very malicious
(D) very stupid

74. The girls as well as their teacher ——————— left.
(A) has
(B) have
(C) was
(D) is

75. The boys like (play) games but hate (do) lessons :
(A) play, doing
(B) playing, do
(C) playing, doing
(D) to play, doing

76. You’ve spelt it wrong. There ————— be another ‘s’.
(A) ought to (B) will
(C) would (D) shall

77. We shall have to tow the car to the garage :
The above statement in active voice can be changed into passive voice as
(A) The car must have to be towed to the garage
(B) The car will have to be towed to the garage
(C) The car need to be towed to the garage
(D) The car would have to be towed to the garage

78. The antonym of diligent is ——————.
(A) hard working
(B) intelligent
(C) humorous
(D) lazy

79. A good student works hard at her books and enjoys learning.
The underlined word is :
(A) Conjunction
(B) An adjective
(C) A noun
(D) An adverb

80. Identify the one word substitution for the following :
Concluding part of a literary work.
(A) Monologue
(B) Epilogue
(C) Soliloquy
(D) Dialogue

81. Notwithstanding his hard work, he didn’t succeed.
The above simple sentence can be converted into a compound sentence as :
(A) In spite of his hard work, he didn’t succeed
(B) He didn’t succeed as he didn’t work hard
(C) He worked hard yet didn’t succeed
(D) Though he worked hard, he didn’t succeed

82. The Bill, passed by the Parliament, has to obtain the President’s —————
(A) assent
(B) ascend
(C) descend
(D) ascent

83. Why didn’t you say that you were short of money? If I (know) I (lend) you some :
(A) have known, will lend
(B) had known, would have lent
(C) knew, would lent
(D) had known, would have lend

84. I (buy) a new house last year but I (not sell) my old house yet, so at the moment I have two houses :
(A) bought, have not sold
(B) have bought, didn’t sell
(C) brought, didn’t sell
(D) bought, not sold

85. When ——————— Titanic was crossing ———————— Atlantic, she struck an iceberg.
(A) the, a
(B) a, the
(C) the, the
(D) a, a

86. After a brief speech the Minister ———————— the new statue.
(A) disveiled
(B) overveiled
(C) inveiled
(D) unveiled

87. It is ———————— to go by train than by car.
(A) more cheaper
(B) cheapest
(C) most cheap
(D) cheaper

88. The wedding has been ———————— until June.
(A) put on
(B) put off
(C) put up
(D) put out

89. If you do not comply ————————— the traffic regulations you will get ———————— trouble ——————— the police.
(A) with, into, with
(B) towards, into, with
(C) with, to, by
(D) by, into, with

90. The boy looked much —————————.
(A) relevied
(B) releaved
(C) relieved
(D) reliefed

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