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TNPSC Combined Civil Services Examination Group – II Question Paper 2019 : Tamil Nadu Public Commission

Organisation : Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission
Exam : Combined Civil Services – II Examination
Document Type : Question Paper
Year : 2019
Exam Date : 23.02.2019
Department : Group-I Services
Website :

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TNPSC Civil Services Examination Group – II Question Paper

Question Paper of Departmental Examinations, Combined Civil Services – II Examination Group – II Services 2019 Question Paper & Answer Key is now available in the official website of Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission

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General Studies

Paper – Paper – I
Duration : 3 Hours
Total Marks : 300


** Candidates shall first ensure that this question-cum-answer booklet contains 64 pages. In case, if any defect is found in this booklet, they can request for replacement from the invigilator immediately.

** Space has been provided to write the answer for each question. Candidates have to answer the questions only in the space provided for that question. They should not write anything outside the space provided.

** Candidates should answer as many number of questions as instructed in the question paper in each section. If more than the required number of questions are answered, the answers written at the end of each section will not be taken into account.

** In this question-cum-answer booklet, questions are in Tamil and English versions. In all matters, English version is final.

** Candidates should not tear off any leaves from this question-cum-answer booklet.
** There is no reservation of marks for neatness of writing and correctness of spelling in respect of this examination.

** Candidates should not write their name, register number while answering letter type questions. Putting signature in their name is also not permitted. To answer suchquestions, the name & address given in the questions alone should be used.

** If no name is given in the questions, they should write the general names like ABC or XYZ or XXX in ‘From’ and ‘To’ addresses.

Download Question Paper :
Paper – I :

Unit – I

Note :
1. Answer not exceeding 30 words each.
2. Each question carries three marks.
3. Answer any thirty questions out of thirty five questions.

Section – A

1. How does the p-n junction diode act as a rectifier?
2. The radius of the curved surface of a plano-convex lens is 50 cm. And, the refractive index of the plano-convex lens is 1.5. Find the focal length of the plano-convex lens.
3. Find the pressure due to a column of mercury 74 cm high.
4. Give any three methods of pest control.
5. What are the three main elements used in fertilizers and its any one use.
6. Zn(s) ? 2H? (aq) Zn (aq) H2 (g) 2? ? Give the oxidation and reduction half cells reactions for the above reaction and write the galvanic cell set up.
7. What is pedogenesis?
8. What is meant by ‘BMI’?
9. How is the shelf life of commercial fruits prolonged?
10. If an organism respire through Lung, Explain its advantageous and why?
11. Give collective account of diseases caused by Hyper and Hypo Hormonal secretion of Human Endocrine glands.
12. What is occupational disease? How you involve for awareness in future?
13. What is Judicial Review?
14. Explain briefly what is Disaster?
15. What is SMART Governance in the context of e-governance?
16. Why Sarkaria commission was constituted?
17. How are the functions of Public service commission classified in India?
18. What is Chennai-Kanyakumari Industrial Corridor Scheme?
19. Write the objectives of Recruitment.
20. Write a note Article 245 of Indian Constitution.
21. Why the term ‘Black Money’ came into usage?
22. Write a short note on “Rural Sanitation”.
23. What do you mean by the concept of welfare state?
24. When and why ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme was launched?
25. What are the Acts taken by government to eradicate child labour?
26. What is meant by Corruption?
27. List any three examples of Human Right Violation in our society.
28. Write about Local Government Directory.
29. Write a short note on “TERI”.
30. Bring out the performance of GST during 2018.
31. Give the meaning of Tiny URL.
32. What do you know about Ujjwala scheme?
33. Explain “Overseas Manpower Corporation”.
34. What do you know about Seva Bhoj Yojana?
35. What is Mission Indradhanush?

Section — B

Note :
1. Answer not exceeding 120 words each.
2. Each question carries eight marks.
3. Answer any fifteen questions out of eighteen questions.

36. Describe in detail, the Big Bang theory of the creation of the Universe.
(a) Give the classification of Pesticides with one example each.
(b) Give any two stomach poisons and contact poisons.

37. What are pseudo cereals? How are they economically important?
38. Describe Hamburger’s phenomenon in respiration.
39. Examine the financial powers of the Governor.
40. Write a short note on Macaulay committee.
41. Explain the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the origin of the states on the Linguistic line in India.
42. Analyse the social causes and consequences of ‘Honour Killing’.
43. Give a brief History of RTI.
44. Explain the functions of Central Vigilance Commission.
45. Bring out the salient features of “Tamil Nadu Government E-Governance Policy”.

Section — C

Note :
1. Answer not exceeding 250 words each.
2. Each question carries fifteen marks.
3. Answer any two questions out of three questions.

46. Examine the barriers of the use of Information Technology (IT) in Indian Administration.
47. Critically analyse the various problems of Rural Communities in India.
48. Discuss about the project “Gaganyaan”.

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