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IAPT National Standard Examination In Astronomy 2018 – 19 : Indian Association of Physics Teachers

Name of the Organisation : Indian Association of Physics Teachers
Name of the Paper : National Standard Examination In Astronomy 2018 -19 – NSEA
Year : 2018-2019
Name of the Subject : Astronomy
Website :

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IAPT NSEA Astronomy Physics Teachers Question Paper

Time: 1400 to 1600 Hrs
Paper Code: A421
Total time: 120 minutes
Marks: 240

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Write the question paper code mentioned above on YOUR answer sheet (in the space provided), otherwise your answer sheet will NOT be assessed.
Note that the same Q. P. Code appears on each page of the question paper.


1. Use of mobile phones, smartphones, ipads during examination is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
2. In addition to this question paper, you are given answer sheet along with Candidate’s copy.

3. On the answer sheet, make all the entries carefully in the space provided ONLY in BLOCK CAPITALS as well as by properly darkening the appropriate bubbles. Incomplete/ incorrect/carelessly filled information may disqualify your candidature.

4. On the answer sheet, use only BLUE or BLACK BALL POINT PEN for making entries and filling the bubbles.
5. The email ID and date of birth entered in the answer sheet will be your login credentials for accessing performance report. Please take care while entering.

6. Question paper has 80 multiple choice questions. Each question has four alternatives, out of which only one is correct. Choose the correct alternative and fill the appropriate bubble, as shown.
7. A correct answer carries 3 marks whereas 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.
8. Any rough work should be done only in the space provided.

9. Use of non-programmable sicncetific calculator is allowed.
10. No candidate should leave the examination hall before the completion of the examination.

11. After submitting your answer paper, take away the Candidate’s copy for your reference.
12. Please DO NOT make any mark other than filling the appropriate bubbles properly in the space provided on the answer sheet.

13. Answer sheets are evaluated using machine, hence CHANGE OF ENTRY IS NOT ALLOWED.
14. Scratching or overwriting may result in a wrong score.

15. Do Not Write On The Back Side Of The Answer Sheet.

Download Question Paper :

Model Questions

1) Sun is at a mean distance of about 27,000 light years from the centre of the Milky way galaxy and completes one revolution about the galactic centre in about 225 million years. The linear speed of Sun is
a) 160 km s -1
b) 230 km s -1
c) 30 km s -1
d) 80 km s -1

2) Light from the nearest star ‘proxima centauri’ takes 4.24 light years to reach earth. The stellar parallax of this star is about
a) 1.30 s
b) 0.77 s
c) 13.8 s
d) 0.24 s

3) A block of conductor with its area equal to ‘A’ and thickness ‘b’ is placed between the plates of a parallel plate capacitor without touching either of the plates. If the area of the plates of the capacitor be ‘A’ each and ‘d’ be the separation between the plates then the capacitance of the system after the introduction of the block is
a) e0 b/d
b) e0 a/d
c) e0 c/d
d) e0 d/d

4) The number of real solutions of the equation x ? x? | x ? 4 | = 2 x ? 4x is
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d ) more than 2

5) A body of mass 1.0 kg is pulled along a rough horizontal surface by a horizontal force of 5N for 10 s starting from rest. If the kinetic friction is µk = 0.40, the amount of heat generated is equal to (assuming g = 10 m s-2)
a) 190 J
b) 200 J
c) 210 J
d) 205 J

6) Six dice are rolled simultaneously. The probability of getting at least four identical numbers is
a) 6 6 2250
b) 6 6 2436
c) 6 6 2535
d) 6 6 2738

7) The ceiling of a long hall is 45 m high. The maximum horizontal distance that a ball thrown with a speed of 50 m s-1 can go without hitting the ceiling is nearly equal to (g=10 m s-2)
a) 250 m
b) 240 m
c) 230 m
d) 300 m

8) The tangents drawn from a certain point P to the parabola 2y = x2 – 2 are also tangents to the parabola 4y = x2 – 10 x + 37. The sum of the coordinates of P is
a) 10
b) 6
c) 0
d) –10

9) A yo-yo of mass ‘M’ and radius of the inner hub ‘r’ is completely wound with a string. It is allowed to start unwinding with zero downward initial velocity. The moment of inertia of the yo-yo about an axis passing through its centre of mass and normal to the discs is I. The acceleration with which the yo-yo falls when I = Mr2 can be given by
a) a= g
b) a = g/2
c) a = 2g/3
d) a = g/4

10) What is the least possible length of a line segment that cuts a triangle with sides 3, 4, 5 in to two geometrical figures having equal area?
a) 12
b) 6
c) 5
d) 2

11) A plane spiral of N turns, having the radii of internal and external loops as r1 and r2 carries a current I. The magnetic induction at the centre of the spiral will be

12) The number of nonzero real solutions of the equations x y 3 x y 12 x ? y , y ? x ? ? is
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) more than 2

13) Two identical circular coils are carrying currents i1 and i2 are suspended from a torsion free cotton thread in placed in a region of uniform magnetic field B. Each time the coils are given a small angular displacement from their respective equilibrium positions. The time period of the small torsional oscillations were found to be T1 and T2. The ratio would be
a) i/1
b) i/2
c) i/2

14) A triangle has a side of length 8 units, one of the angles of the triangle on this side is 60?. If the inradius of the triangle is 3 units, the perimeter of the triangle is
a) 15 3
b) 24
c) 12 3
d) 20

15) Two cells with emfs E1 and E2 have internal resistances r1 and r2 respectively. The two cells are connected in series with an external resistance and the current through the external resistance is found to be 1.5 A. When the polarities of the cells are reversed this current is found to be 0.5A. Theratio of the emfs of the cells is
a) 2.5
b) 1.5
c) 2
d) 4

16) A points P(8, 4) divides a chord, lying completely in the first quadrant, of a parabola y2 = 4x in the ratio 1 : 4. The mid-point of the chord has coordinates
a) (17.5, 8)
b) (18.5, 7)
c) (19.5, 6)
d) (20.5, 5)

17) The de Broglie wavelength associated with neutrons with thermal equilibrium with matter at temperatures 300 K and at 400 K are in the ratio close to
a) 1 : 1
b) 1.15 : 1
c) 1 : 2.3
d) 1: 2.8

18) The sum of all real values of a for which the equation x3 – 7x + a = 0 has two real roots differing by 1 is
a) 0
b) 6
c) 12
d) ?12

19) Which of the following physical quantities has the unit volt-second
a) Energy
b) Electric flux
c) Magnetic flux
d) Inductance

20) A die is rolled 5 times. The probability that there are at least two equal numbers among the outcomes obtained is
a) 324 319
b) 54 49
c) 18 13
d) 94

21) There is a uniformly charged non-conducting solid sphere made of material of dielectric constant 1. If the electric potential at infinity is taken to be zero, then the potential at its surface is V. If we take the electric potential at its surface to be zero, then the potential at the centre will be
a) 3V/2
b) V/2
c) V
d) Zero

22) Suppose 5 cos x + 12 cos y = 13. The maximum possible value of 5 sin x + 12 sin y is
a) 13
b) 120
c) 240
d) 13

23) If speed of light (C), acceleration due to gravity (g) and pressure (P) are taken to be fundamental units, then dimension of universal gravitational constant (G) is
a) CgP-3
b) C2g3P-2
c) C0g2P-1
d) C2g2P-2

24) Let ?2, for22sin x, for0 x f (x) 2 . Then
a) no where continuous (0, ?)
b) continuous on (0, ?) except at
c) continuous on (0, ?), but nowhere differentiable
d) differentiable at all points of (0, ?)

25) A wave propagating along X-axis is represented by where is the displacement of the particle, the amplitude of the wave and is the time. If A, B and C are three constants then the dimension of is the same as that of
a) Length
b) Mass
c) Time
d) Velocity

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