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KSEEB SSLC Social Science Model Question Paper 2019 : Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board

Board : Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board
Exam : SSLC Social Science
Document type : Model Question Paper
Year : 2018- 19
Website :

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KSEEB SSLC Social Science Model Question Paper

Total No.of Questions: 47
Subject Code: 85E
Time : 3 Hours
Max Marks: 80

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Choose the Correct Answers

Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter of alphabet in your answer booklet. 10X1=10
1 The Peshwa Bhaji Rao II entered subsidiary alliance because
A. The army of Holkar defeated the army of Bhaji Rao II
B. There was difference among the maratha chieftains
C. Lord Wellesly defeated the army of Peshwa
D. The Peshwa Bhaji Rao II lost the war to the British

2 The purpose of dividing Bengal in 1905 according to Indians was
A. to divide Hindus and Muslims
B. to support the Anti-British protests
C. to develop western part of Bengal
D. to Provide basic amenities to the people

3 Communism in USSR collapsed due to
A. Reformations of Gorbachev
B. Karl Marx’s scientific communism
C. October Revolution
D. Assumption of leadership of communist countries by Joseph Stalin

4 the foreign policy of India opposes imperialism as India
A. suffered under the British rule
B. Signed panchasheel principle
C. Is a leader of third world nations
D. Had trade contact with European countries

5 Security Council is like the Cabinet of UNO because it
A. Has five permanent members
B. Has ten Temporary members
C. Has special voting power
D. it can Take major decisions on global issues

6 People of coastal Karnataka agitated under the leadership of Shivaram Karantha as they
A. Had fear that Nuclear plant destroys dense forests
B. Wanted the government to stop cutting sown the trees in Kalase forest
C. Thought that ecological balance will be destroyed
D. Thought the that environment pollution increases

7 the group which belongs to Agro based industries is
A. Ironindustries, Aluminium Industries and Copper industries
B. Cotton textiles, Jute mills and sugar industries
C. Bio-technology, Advance Technology and Information technology
D. Cinematogrphy, Electrical Industries and plastic industries

8 In Recent days Mica export from India has declined because
A. Quality of Mica is very low
B. Synthetic Mica is being used
C. Mica has become exhausted
D. Use of Mica has been Banned

9 The 73rd Constitutional Amendment act is very important mile stone in Indian Administrative system because
A. Civil Service system was introduced
B. Uniform system of Panchayat Raj institution was established
C. Political reservation system was introduced
D. Reformation was brought in parliamentary system

10 Globalisation creates free trade zone by
A. Using container services
B. Creating subsidies
C. Removing the import and export duties
D. Over coming the political barriers

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One Mark Questions

II Answer the following questions in a sentence each : 14X1=14
11 The expansion of British rule was easier om South India during the rule of Lord Wellesly. Why?
12 What is Policy of Assertion?
13 Which was the treaty signed to stop second Anglo-Mysore war?
14 Policy of Association reduced the gap between the British and the Indians, How?
15 vernacular press act was major hurdle in the development of Indian Journalis, Why?
16 India declared that “No country of the world shall practice Apartheid, Why?
17 What is Social Stratification?
18 What is women empowerment?
19 Define intensive farming?
20 Knowledge based industry is rapidly developing industry in our country, Why?
21 When was RBI established?
22 Where is the Head quarters of WHO?
23 how does the physical features of an area affect the distribution of population?
24 How is density of population different from size of population?

Two Marks Questions

III Answer ther following questions in two or three sentences each : 15X2=30
25 What was the cause and results of carnatic war-III?
26 Explain how BramhaSamaj strive hard in contributing to Indian social reformation?
27 How did the political factors lead to the first war of Indian independence?
28 Name the problems faced by India soon after Independence?
Name the princely states that were forced to join the Indian Union?
29 How did USA gain upperhand in the competition of stockpiling weapons?
30 It is inevitable to India to have good relationship with other countries why?
31 Which are the problems faced by third world countries ?
32 Why was protection of cjhildren from sexual offences act – 2012 implemented?
33 Explain the importance of Northern plains .
34 Differentiate between the two branches of south west monsoons
35 Mention any four importance of forests.
36 Irrigation is very essential in India, Why?
37 Which factors favour ocean waterways in India?
38 The discrimination has not come down eventhough Indian Constitution has assured equality of freedom, oppourtunities for both men and women, Why?
39 If a consumer wants to get reimbursment when denied inspite of guarantee period what does he do?

Three marks Questions

IV Answer the following questions in six or eight sentences each : 6X3=18
40 Explain the role of farmers revolts in the freedom movement of India.
Explain the impact of British education system on the Indians
41 What are the precautionary measures to check communalism?
what are the aims of UNO?
42 Explain the measures taken by our government to bring educational equality?
Explain the labour inequalities in India?

43 Why is Mumbai the most important cotton textile industrial centre even today?
Human forces are the causes for land slides , How?
44 What are the funtions of RBI?
What are the goals of public expenditure?
45 What are the services rendered by post offices?
What are the funtions of Entrepreneur?

V Answer the following question in about 8 to 10 points : 4X1=4
46 Explain the major developments that took place during the Non-cooperation movement.
47 Draw an outline map of India and mark these 1+3=4
A] 82½°E Longitude
B] Ennore
C] Naharkatiya

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