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BSEH Secondary Exam Science Sample Question Paper 2019 : Board of School Education Haryana

Organisation : Board of School Education Haryana
Exam : Secondary Exam
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Subject : Science
Year : March 2019
Website :

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BSEH Secondary Exam Science Sample Question Paper

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Time allowed : 1 hours
Maximum Marks : 60


** Please make sure that the printed pages in this question paper are 8 in number and it contains 27 questions.

** The Code No. on the top of the question paper should be written by the candidate on the front page of the answer-book.
** Before beginning to answer a question, its Serial Number must be written.

** Don’t leave blank page / pages in your answer-book.
** Except answer-book, no extra sheet will be given. Write to the point and do not strike the written answer.

** Candidates must write their Roll Number on the question paper.
** Before answering the question, ensure that you have been supplied the correct and complete question paper, no claim in this regard, will be entertained after examination.

General Instructions :
(i) This question paper is divided into four Sections – A, B, C and D. All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Attempt all the parts of a question together.

(iii) Stick to the word limit wherever prescribed.
(iv) This question-paper consists of 27 questions, which are divided into three Sections : ‘A’ (Physics), ‘B’ (Chemistry) and ‘C’ (Life Science).

Download Question Paper :
Science :

Science Sample Questions

Physics, Chemistry & Life Science :

Section A – Physics

The image of an object made by the eye lens on ratina is :
(A) Erect and real
(B) Erect and virtual
(C) Inverted and real
(D) Inverted and virtual

Which of the following shows electric energy ?
(A) Watt . sec
(B) Joule
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) None of these

3. Twinkling of stars is due to the ……………. of light.
4. Name the gas which constitues 3/4 parts of Bio-gas.
5. Wind energy is a renewable source of energy. Explain.

6. A Wire of given material having length ‘l’ and area of cross-section ‘A’ has a resistance of 8W. What would be the resistance of another wire of the same material having length
7. What is Ozone ? How it affects an environment ?

8. An object is lying in between the main focus (F) and pole (P) of a concave mirror. Show the position of the image of this object with the help of ray diagram.
b) A convex mirror used for rear view on an automobile has a radius of curvature 4.00 m. If a bus is located at 8.00 m from this mirror, find the position and magnification of the image.

9. Explain with the help of a labelled diagram the principle, construction and working of an electric generator.
What do you mean by overloading ? What precautions should be taken to avoid or save the household electric appliances from overloading ?
(b) What is a solenoid ? What is the importance of putting a soft iron rod in the magnetic field of a solenoid ?

Section B – Chemistry

10. Hydrogen gas combines with nitrogen to from …………… .
11. Write the name of two elements with filled outer-most shells.
12. The chemical formula of zypsm is :
(A) CaSo H O 4 2 2 1
(B) CaSO H O 4 .2 2
(C) Ca(OH)2
(D) CaSO H O

13. Define Combination reaction. Give one example.
14. Write two uses of bleaching powder.
15. Write any two similarities of modern periodic table and Mendeleev’s periodic table.

16. (i) Define the following terms :
(a) Calcination
(b) Malleability
(ii) Why is sodium kept immersed in Kerosene oil ?

17. (i) What are covalent bonds ?
(ii) Write the formula and electron dot structure of cyclopentane.
(iii) What is the functional group of alcohol ? Write the name and formula of first two alcohols.

(i) Draw the electron dot structure of Methane.
(ii) What is hydrogenation ? What is its industrial application ?
(iii) Write all the possible structurel isomers of butane.

Section C – Life Science

The Carnivores which feed on herbivores is
(A) Producer
(B) Primary consumer
(C) Secondary consumer
(D) Tertiary consumer

Hypothalamus is a part of
(A) Fore brain
(B) Mid brain
(C) Hind brain
(D) Spinal cord

20. What is the effect of UV radiations on human beings ?
21. Plumule is future ……………. .
22. What is the role of Auxin Hormone ?
23. Name any three sexually transmitted diseases. If a women is using Copper -T , will it help in protecting her from sexually transmitted diseases ?
24. How are brain and spinal cord protected ?
25. How does budding take place in Hydra ?
26. What is Artifical Selection ? Explain it with an example of wild cabbage.
27. Describe the digestion of food in small Intestine.
(a) Draw a well labelled diagram of cross section of a leaf.
(b) Describe the various events that occur during photosynthesis.

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