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CBSE Class XII English Question Paper 2018 : Central Board Of Secondary Education

Name of the Board : Central Board Of Secondary Education
Class : XII
Year : 2018
Subject : English
Document Type : Question Paper for Class XII
Website :

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CBSE Class XII English Question Paper

Candidates must write the Code on the title page of the answer-book.
Code No.: 1/3
Series : SGN

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** Please check that this question paper contains 16 printed pages.
** Code number given on the right hand side of the question paper should be written on the title page of the answer-book by the candidate.

** Please check that this question paper contains 13 questions.
** Please write down the Serial Number of the question before attempting it.

** 15 minute time has been allotted to read this question paper. The question paper will be distributed at 10.15 a.m. From 10.15 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., the students will read the question paper only and will not write any answer on the answer-book during this period.

Download Question Paper :
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Set III :

English – Core Paper

Time allowed : 3 hours
Maximum Marks : 100
General Instructions :
(i) This paper is divided into three sections : A, B and C. All the sections are compulsory.

(ii) Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them faithfully.

(iii) Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.


Reading : 30
1. Read the passage given below : 10
1 Every morning Ravi gives his brain an extra boost. We’re not talking about drinking strong cups of coffee or playing one of those mind-training video games advertised all over Facebook. ‘‘I jump onto my stationary bike and cycle for 45 minutes to work,’’ says Ravi. ‘‘When I get to my desk, my brain is at peak activity for a few hours.’’ After his mental focus comes to a halt later in the day, he starts it with another short spell of cycling to be able to run errands.

2 Ride, work, ride, repeat. It’s a scientifically proven system that describes some unexpected benefits of cycling. In a recent study in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, scientists found that people scored higher on tests of memory, reasoning, and planning after 30 minutes of spinning on a stationary bike than they did before they rode the bike. They also completed the tests faster after pedalling.

3 Exercise is like fertilizer for your brain. All those hours spent on exercising your muscles, create rich capillary beds not only in leg and hip muscles, but also in your brain. More blood vessels in your brain and muscles mean more oxygen and nutrients to help them work. When you pedal, you also force more nerve cells to fire. The result : you double or triple the production of these cells — literally building your brain.

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, complete the statements given below with the help of the options that follow : 1?2=2 (a) Ravi gets his brain to work at peak level by
(i) drinking three cups of coffee.
(ii) playing games that need brain activity.
(iii) cycling on a stationary bike.
(iv) taking tablets to pump up his brain. (b) When nerve cells work during exercise then
(i) the body experiences stress.
(ii) the bran is strengthened by multiplying them.
(iii) you start to lose your temper.
(iv) your stationary cycle starts to beep.

Answer the following questions briefly : 1?6=6
(c) How does exercise help the brain ?
(d) Why does Ravi do a circuit of ‘ride, work, ride’ ?
(e) What is the work of neurotransmitters ?
(f) What benefits other than greater brain activity does one get from cycling ?
(g) Why is exercise so important for adults ?
(h) How is exercise itself a stress ?

(i) Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following : 1?2=2
(i) manure (para 3)
(ii) inactive (para 4)

2. Read the passage given below : 12
1 When you grow up in a place where it rains five months a year, wise elders help you to get acquainted with the rain early. They teach you that it is ignorant to think that it is the same rain falling every day. Oh no, the rain is always doing different things at different times. There is rain that is gentle, and there is also rain that falls too hard and damages the crops. Hence, the prayer for the sweet rain that helps the crops to grow.

On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, complete the statements given below with the help of options that follow : 1?4=4 (a) The rains are called after flowering plants because
(i) heavy rains kill plants.
(ii) flowers grow in the rainy season.
(iii) it is believed that the plants bring the rain.
(iv) flowers grow all the year round.

(b) The rain is like a calendar for farmers because
(i) it tells them when to sow and when to harvest.
(ii) it tells them the birthdays of their children.
(iii) each month has a time for plantation.
(iv) different kinds of rain tell different things.

(c) People who live in cities don’t like rain because
(i) it brings mud and sickness with it.
(ii) they are not bothered about the farmers.
(iii) they don’t like the plants that grow during the rain.
(iv) going shopping becomes difficult.

(d) People pray asking the rain to retreat because
(i) the fungus and mould need to dry.
(ii) children don’t get a chance to play.
(iii) the crops need the sun and heat to ripen.
(iv) they like to pray. Answer the following questions briefly : 1?6=6

(e) Why do the elders want you to understand the rains in the Naga hills ?
(f) What does Durga Puja mean to the farmers of the Naga hills ?
(g) What kind of rain is called sezuo ?
(h) What is the occupation of more than half the population of the Naga hills ?
(i) How is the heart of the farmer different from that of the city person ?
(j) When does rain become a memory in the minds of the people of the Naga hills ? (k) Find words from the passage which mean the same as the following : 1?2=2
(i) flowering (para 6) (ii) nonstop (para 7)

3. Read the passage given below : 8
Keeping cities clean is essential for keeping their residents healthy. Our health depends not just on personal hygiene and nutrition, but critically also on how clean we keep our cities and their surroundings. The spread of dengue and chikungunya are intimately linked to the deteriorating state of public health conditions in our cities.

City compost has the additional advantage of being weed-free unlike farmyard manure which brings with it the seeds of undigested grasses and requires a substantial additional labour cost for weeding as the crops grow. City compost is also rich in organic carbon, and our soils are short in this.

(a) On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, make notes on it using headings and sub-headings. Use recognisable abbreviations wherever necessary (minimum four) and a format you consider suitable. Also supply an appropriate title to it. 5
(b) Write a summary of the passage in about 80 words.


Writing Skills : 30
4. Bal Vidya Public School, Bhilai, urgently requires a post-graduate teacher to teach political science for which they have placed an advertisement in The Bhilai Express. You are Sanjay/Sanjana Sharma from 21, Vasant Marg, Bhilai. Draft a letter including a CV, applying for the advertised post. (120 – 150 words) 6
You are Neeraj/Neeraja Shekhar, Principal, Vasant Public School, Pune. Your school has just started a music department. Write a letter to the Manager of Melody House, Pune, wholesale suppliers of musical instruments, placing an order for musical instruments for the school. Ask for a discount on the catalogue prices. (120 – 150 words)

5. You are Faiz/Falak Mazumdar living at 39, Udampur Colony, Shimla. You decide to hold a dinner party to congratulate your grandparents on their golden wedding anniversary. Draft a formal invitation in not more than 50 words to all family members to attend a grand dinner at home. 4
You are Harish/Harshita of 12, Seva Nagar, Pune. You want to sell your flat as you are shifting to another city for work. Draft a suitable advertisement in not more than 50 words to be published in The Pune Times under the classified columns.

6. MMD School, Nashik, recently organised a science symposium on the topic : ‘Effect of pollution on quality of life’. You are Amit/Amita Raazdan, editor of the school magazine. Write a report on the event for your school magazine. (120 – 150 words)
‘‘Academic excellence is the only requirement for a successful career.’’ Write a debate either for or against the motion. (120 – 150 words)


Literature : Textbooks and Long Reading Text) 40
8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow : 1?4=4
…… On their slag heap, these children
Wear skins peeped through by bones and spectacles of steel
With mended glass, like bottle bits on stones.
(a) Name the poem and the poet.
(b) Explain : ‘slag heap’.
(c) What future awaits these children ?
(d) Name the figure of speech used in the third line.

… and clear rills
That for themselves a cooling covert make
‘Gainst the hot season; the mid forest brake,
Rich with the sprinkling of fair musk-rose blooms;
(a) Identify the poem and the poet.
(b) What is the role of the clear rills ?
(c) How has the mid forest brake become rich ?
(d) Name the figure of speech in ‘cooling covert’.

9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30 – 40 words each : 3?4=12
(a) What considerations influenced the Tiger King to get married ?
(b) What does the poet’s smile in the poem, ‘My Mother at Sixty-six’ show ?
(c) ‘‘Listening to them, I see two distinct worlds … .’’ In the context of Mukesh, the bangle maker’s son, which two worlds is Anees Jung referring to ?

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