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Bulls Eye Scholarship Test Sample Paper 2018 :

Organisation : Bulls eye
Exam Name : Bulls eye Scholarship Test 2018
Document Type : Sample Paper
Website :

Bulls eye Scholarship Test Sample Paper

Download Question Paper of Bulls eye Scholarship Test 2018 Sample Questions Paper is now available in the official website of Bulls eye.

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1. Do Not Open The Seal Of This Booklet. Wait For The Signal To Start.
2. Use only a HB pencil to fill in the Test Booklet and the Answer sheet.

3. Keep only the Admit Card, pencil, eraser and sharpener with you. DO NOT KEEP with you books, rulers, slide rules, drawing instruments, calculators, (including watch calculators), cellular phones, pagers, digital or any other devices or loose paper. These should be left outside the room.

4. Ensure that your personal data has been correctly entered in the Answer sheet on both the sides. AT THE START OF THE TEST
5. As soon as the signal to start is given, open the Booklet.

6. This Test Booklet contains a total of 20 pages. You will get the first seven pages in the first section and the remaining pages in the second section. Immediately after opening the Test Booklet, verify that all the pages are printed properly and are in order.

How To Answer

7. Directions for answering the questions are given before each group of questions. Read these directions carefully and answer the questions by darkening the appropriate circles on the Answer Sheet. There is only one correct answer to each question.

8. Each correct question carries 3 marks. Wrong answers carry proportionate, 1/3rd negative marking i.e. one mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.
9. Do your rough work only on the Test Booklet and NOT on the Answer Sheet.

10. Follow the instructions of the invigilator. Candidates found violating the instructions will be disqualified.

After The Test

11. At the end of the test remain seated till the invigilator collects your Application Form-cum-Answer sheet from your seats. Do not leave the hall till the invigilator announces, “You may leave now.” The invigilator will make the announcement only after collecting the Application Form-cum- Answer sheets from every candidate in the room.

12. You may retain the test booklet with you.

Download Question Paper :

Sample Questions

Section I – Quant & DI

1. The daily wages of Kalu and Bawa and also of Bawa and Lalit are in the ratio 2 : 3 each. A third of Lalit’s wages exceeds half of Kalu’s wages by Rs.80. Each of them spends the same amount of money and their savings are in the ratio 1 : 9 : 21. What is their combined expenditure?
1. Rs.300
2. Rs.450
3. Rs.900
4. Rs.280

2. The number of ordered triplets (k, l, m) such that k, l and m are distinct prime numbers and kl + lm + km = 120 is
1. 9
2. 0
3. 3
4. Infinite

3. Which of the following is true?
1. (150!)
2 < 150150 2. (170)170 < (170!)2
3. (130!)2 < (130)130
4. None of these

4. Arvind built a fence using 48 posts to enclose a square field. He placed the posts 5 metres apart. What is the area of the field bounded by the fence?
1. 4225 m2
2. 3600 m2
3. 3025 m2
4. 2025 m2

5. Pitamber selected four numbers from out of n consecutive natural numbers such that the differences between the two numbers in all possible pairs are distinct. What is the least possible value of n?
1. 7
2. 8
3. 11
4. 13

6. With a view to increasing competition among his students, the principal of St. John’s High School has decided to distribute books to the students. The number of books is more than the number of students. Each of the books is different from the other. There are p students and q books, but each student will get a minimum of 1 book and a maximum of (p – 1) books. Find the total number of ways of distributing the books.
1. qp – 1
2. pq
3. qp – p
4. None of these

7. How many positive integers less than 143 are relatively prime to 143?
1. 142
2. 120
3. 43
4. None of these

8. Rahim has Rs.4,096 with him and he places bets 6 times. Each time he places a bet, he stakes onefourth of the total money that he has at the time of placing the bet. If he wins the bet, he gets back the sum of money he had staked and wins a sum equal to the money he had staked and if he loses the bet, he loses the sum of money he had bet. If the probability of winning a bet is 0.5 and it is known that Rahim wins 3 bets and loses 3 of them, find the money left with Rahim at the end of all the bets.
1. Rs.3,375
2. Rs.721
3. Rs.3072
4. Cannot be determined

9. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?
I. a2 + a + 41 gives a prime number for all natural numbers a.
II. A number, sum of whose digits is 15, can never be a perfect square.
1. Only I
2. Only II
3. Both of them
4. None of these

10. The XY-plane is marked on the ground in preparation for a sack race. The participants start from point P(0, 2) and finish the race at point Q(10, 3). In hopping from P to Q, the participants must touch the X-axis exactly once. What point on the X-axis should a participant touch so that the total distance travelled is the least?
1. (4, 0)
2. (6, 0)
3. (3, 0)
4. (5, 0)

Section II – Verbal & Reasoning

DIRECTIONS for question 31: Pick the best option which completes the sentence in the most meaningful manner.
31. The _________ in many parts of the metros has made the _________ of infectious diseases more swift, because pathogens spread fast in close quarters.
1. squalor ………circulation
2. congestion………deterioration
3. overcrowding………propagation
4. over-development…… proliferation

DIRECTIONS for question 32: In the question, a word has been used in sentences in FOUR different ways. Choose the option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is incorrect or inappropriate.
1. Until the matter is gone into at length it will be impossible to discuss any phase of it with exactness.

2. On Monday, the Directorate of Education released a list of 11 schools set to be phased out and a charter school recommended for non-renewal.
3. China will phase in planned changes to its loan-loss provisioning rules to give banks time to adapt.

4. The current lack of good quality programming doesn’t phase the leaders of this up-and-coming company.

DIRECTIONS for question 33: Given below are five sentences. Identify the sentence(s) or part(s) of sentence(s) that is/are incorrect in terms of grammar and usage (including spelling, punctuation and logical consistency). Then, choose the most appropriate option.

33. A. She looked at me with tears falling down from her eyes.
B. Many of these children grow in an atmosphere of violence.
C. The question is whether doctors should lengthen life when there is no hope of recovery.
D. Suddenly a wonderful smile lighted up her face.
E. In today’s material society, most people think only about money.
1. A, B and C
2. C and E only
3. A, D and E
4. All of them

34. What is the primary purpose of the passage?
1. To refute the claim that yawning increases the amount of oxygen in the blood.
2. To challenge the assertion that yawning indicates stress and boredom.
3. To determine whether yawning is an effective measure of sleepiness.
4. To illustrate that yawns are signs of something more than just sleepiness.

35. At the beginning of the last paragraph the author tries to
1. Deviate from the topic under discussion.
2. Evaluate the findings in the earlier paragraphs
3. Accepts a drawback to an approach mentioned in the previous paragraph
4. Brings the discussion back to a problem mentioned earlier in the passage

36. The author uses all of the following to put forth his views, except
1. An anecdote
2. Illustration
3. Comparison
4. Understatement

37. According to the information given, how many arrangements are possible?
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4

38. How many boys take the same position in the row in all the possible arrangements?
1. 2
2. 3
3. 4
4. 5

39. If it is given that Farhaan is taller than Deepak, then who is the shortest boy?
1. Chaman
2. Deepak
3. Gopal
4. Cannot be determined

DIRECTIONS for question 40: The question consists of five statements labelled A, B, C, D and E which when logically ordered forms a cogent passage. Choose the option that represents the most logical order. 40.
A. Prokaryotic sex, on the other hand, is infrequent and inefficient.
B. The creative process of natural selection works by preserving favorable genetic variants from an extensive pool.
C. Major evolutionary change cannot occur unless organisms maintain a large store of genetic variability.
D. Sex can provide variation on this scale, but efficient sexual reproduction requires the packaging of genetic material into discrete units.
E. Thus, in eukaryotes, sex cells have half the chromosomes of normal body cells and when two cells join to produce an offspring, the original amount of genetic material is restored.

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