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Name of the Organization : Centre for Distance Education (CDE) Anna University
Name Of The Exam : M.B.A. Degree Examination
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Year : 2016 – Second Semester
Subject : Production Management

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M.B.A. Degree Second Semester Question Paper :

Time : Three hours
Maximum Marks : 100 marks
Answer ALL questions : PARTA – (10 × 2 = 20 marks)
1. Write short note on communication in POM.

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2. State the Functions of POM.
3. What do you mean by ASRS2
4. What are the inputs and outputs of MRP.
5. State the different phases in Product development.
6. Define Forecast error.
7. Write short note on Gantt chart.
8. Define the term Scheduling.
9. Differentiate CORELAP. With CRAFT.
10. What is Work Sampling?

PART B : (5 x 16 = 80 marks)
11. (a) Give a detail account of the historical evolution of production management. –
(b) Describe about Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Services Systems with a diagram.

12. (a) Derivate the EOQ formula for the purchase model without shortages.
(b) For a product which is to be manufactured within the company, the details of which are as follows
r = 36,000 units / year *, *-
k = 72,000 units / year – –
Set-up cost, Co = Rs. 250 per setup Carrying cost, CC = Rs. 25 / unit / year Find the EBQ and cycle time.

13. Explain in detail about the various applications of CAD.
(i) Explain the concepts of capacity requirement planning.
(ii) State the required inputs for capacity requirement planning.

14. a. Consider the following data summarizing the details of a project involving 14 activities.
b. Consider the problem of project scheduling as shown below. Obtain schedule which will minimize the peak manpower requirement and also smooth out period variation of manpower requirement.

Syllabus for Entrance Test :
Master of Business Administration (MBA) : 2 Years
The question paper will be designed to test the capability of the candidates in the following areas :
** Data analysis
** Comprehension skill
** Basic Quantitative ability
** Written English test
** Candidates are required to answer 100 objective type questions in 2 hours.
** Each Question will be followed by FOUR alternate answers.
** Candidate has to choose the correct answer and shade the appropriate circle against the question in the answer sheet with pencil / ball point pen (black or blue).

Evaluation Scheme :
** While evaluating the answers, one mark is awarded for each correct answer. No negative marks for wrong answers.

Master of Business Administration – MBA :
** MBA Degree Programme is offered to equip students with Professional management practices in all the functional areas that are essential for effective sustainable development.

To provide a market relevant combination of skills and knowledge, the Programme is offered with a wide array of specializations :
** General Management
** Technology Management
** Marketing Management
** Human Resource Management
** Financial Services Management
** Health Services Management
** Operations Management
** Hospitality and Tourism Management

Eligibility :
1. A pass in any Bachelor Degree* and
2. A pass in Distance Education Entrance Test (DEET) conducted by the CDE, Anna University, Chennai.
** The Bachelor Degree must have been obtained after +2 or equivalent
** Duration – 4 semesters

Question Paper Pattern and Evaluation Scheme :
** The question paper will contain 100 objectives type questions to be answered in 2 hours. Each question will have four alternative answers.
** Candidate has to choose the most appropriate answer and has to shade the choice of the answer in the box against each question.

Eligibility Of AMIE Candidates :
Candidates with AMIE or similar qualification awarded by Professional Institutes approved by MHRD are also eligible for admission to MBA/MCA Degree Programme, if they have two years of experience after obtaining AMIE or similar Degree.
A pass in Entrance Test (DEET) conducted by the CDE, Anna University, Chennai-25 is mandatory.

Eligibility Of TANCET Candidates :
** Candidates who have written the TANCET is also eligible for admission to distance mode.
** TANCET score is valid for one year from the date of Examination otherwise candidate have to appear for DEET for admission.
** Admission will be based on the merit order among the TANCET candidates.

Entrance Test Centre Code Number :
** As far as possible the option of candidates for the Test Centre will be considered.
** However the authority for the allotment of Centre for the Test is vested with the CDE, Anna University and it is final.
** Entrance Test for MCA will be conducted at Chennai only.

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