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Name of the Organization : Haryana Public Service Commission
Name of the Exam : Assistant Treasury Officer Exam
Subject : Precis Writing, Noting & Drafting
Document Type : Previous Question Paper
Year : 2011

Website :
Download Sample/Model Question Paper :

Assistant Treasury Officer Exam Precis Writing Question Paper :

Time : 3 Hrs.
Max. Marks : 100
Note :
** A11 questions are compulsory. Maximum marks for each question have been displayed in the margin.

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Q. 1 Make a pr6cis of the following passage and also assign an appropriate title to it. The pr6cis should comprise one third length of the given passage. 25 Marks

Unhappiness and discontent spring not only from poverb. Man is a strange creature, fundamentally different from other animals. He has far horizons,invincible hopes, creative energies, spiritual powers. If they are left undeveloped,and unsatisfied, he may have all the comforts which wealth can give, but will still,feel that life is not worth-while.

The great humanist writers Shaw and Wells,Arnold Benett and Galsworthy, who are regarded as the prophets of the dawn,expose the foibles, inconsistencies and weakness of modern life, but they ignore,he deeper currents and sometimes misrepresent them. At any rate, they give,noting in their place. In the void left by the removal of tradition, morality and,religion, others are putting in vague sentiments of race and power.

We help to secure the future only to the extent to which we ourselves are changed. What is missing in our age is the soul; there is nothing wrong with the body, we suffer from sickness of sprit. We must discover our roots in the eternal and regain faith in the transcendent truth which will order life, discipline discordant elements and bring unity and purpose into it. If not, when the floods come and the winds blow and beatupon our house. (Approx.266Words)

Q.2 Write a precis of the following in Hindi in about one third of the length of the given passage. Also suggest a suitable title for it 20 Marks

Q.3 Write a letter (in English ) from S.P Sharma, 987, Moti Bagh Colony, Bhopal to the Editor, The Hindustan Times expressing your views on the abject commercializatron and falling standards of education in India. The length of the letter should be 200 words. 15 Marks

Q.4 Write a letter (in Hindi) in about 200 words to the Environment Minister of your state, suggesting ways and means to control the problem of Noise and Water Pollution in the urban areas. The letter should be written from Jagmohan, Secretary, NIRMAL, NGO, LUCKNOW. 10 Marks

Q.5 Write a paragraph (in about200 words) in English on any one of the following topics : 10 Marks
a) Life in a Big City
b) The Problem of Rising Prices
c) Contraption in Public Places
d) Street Beggars
e) Road Accidents

Q.6 Distinguish the meanings of the following phrases by using them in sentences of your own? 10 Marks
a) run up | run down
b) set up | set in
c) call on | call in
d) turn on | turn down
e) to bring up | to bring about

Q.7 Connect the following sentences: 5 Marks
a) You made him to write that letter.
b) None of the five hundred candidates were selected.
c) He asked me how long would he be waiting.
d) I shall not buy some mangoes.
e) He did not ring us up, nor he wrote to us.

Q.8 Punctuate the following passage: 5 Marks
My sons said he said he a great treasure lies hidden in the fields i am to leave you where is it hid said the sons i am about to leave you said the dying old farmer but you must yourself dig for it.


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