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Name of the Organisation : Target Educational Institution
Document Type : Sample Question Paper
Name of the Subject : Senior-Eng

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Talent Hunt Senior-Eng Sample Question Paper :

Time : 100 Min
No.Of.Question : 100
Max.Marks : 100

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1. The number of significant grues in 0.002305 is
(a) 6
(b) 4
(c) 7
(d) 2

2. A body travelling with uniform acceleration crosses two points A and B with velocities 20 m/s and 30 m/s respectively. The speed of the body at the mid-point of A and B is nearest to
(a) 25.5 m/s
(b) 25 m/s
(c) 24 m/s
(d) 10 p 6m/s

3. An aircraft is ying at height of 3400m above the ground. If the angle subtended at a ground observation point by the aircraft positions 10s apart is 30. Then the speed of the aircraft is
(a) 19.63 m/s
(b) 1963 m/s
(c) 108 m/s
(d) 196.3 m/s

4. A spacecraft of mass 100Kg breaks into two when its velocity is 104m/s. After the break, a mass of 10 Kg of the spacecraft is left stationary. The velocity of the remaining part is
(a) 103 m/s
(b) 11.11 103 m/s
(c) 11.11102 m/s
(d) 104 m/s

5. A force (4^i+ ^j?? 2^k)N acting on a body maintains its velocity at (2^i +2^j +3^k) m/s.
The power exerted is
(a) 4W
(b) 5W
(c) 2W
(d) 8W

6. Any wheel of moment of inertia 3 102 Kg m2 is rotating with uniform angular speed of 4.6 rad/s. If a torque of 6:9 102Nm retards the wheel, then the time in which the wheel comes to rest is.
(a) 1.5s
(b) 2s
(c) 0.5s
(d) 1s

7. At what depth below the surface of earth, the value of `g’ is the same as that at a height of 5 Km?
(a) 1.25 Km
(b) 2.5 Km
(c) 10 Km
(d) 5Km

8. The Young’s modulus of the material of a wire is 21010N/m2. If the elongation strain is 1 %, then the energy stored in the wire per unit volume in J/m3 is
(a) 106
(b) 108
(c) 2106
(d) 2108

9. Bernoulli’s principle is not involved in the working/explanation of
(a) Movement of spinning ball
(b) Carburetor of automobile
(c) Blades of a Kitchen mixer
(d) Dynamic lift of Aeroplane

10. The thermodynamic process in which no work is done on or by the gas is
(a) Isothermal process
(b) Adiabatic process
(c) Isochoric process
(d) Isobaric process

11. The average total energy in one time period of a particle of mass `m’ execute SHM of amplitudes a and angular velocity w is
(a) 12/ mw2a2
(b) 14/mw2a2
(c) 0
(d) mw2a2

12. The physical quantity that remains unchanged when a sound wave goes from one medium to another medium is
(a) Amplitude
(b) Speed
(c) Wavelength
(d) Frequency

13. A block of mass 10 Kg is moving horizontally with a speed of 1.5 m/s on a smooth plane. If a constant vertical force 10N acts on it, the displacement of the block from the point of application of the force at the end of 4s is
(a) 5m
(b) 20m
(c) 12m
(d) 10m

14. A heater of 220V heats a volume of water in 5 minutes. The same heater when connected to 110V heats the same volume of water in minutes
(a) 5
(b) 20
(c) 10
(d) 2.5

15. The self inductance of a long solenoid cannot be increased by
(a) Increasing its area of cross section
(b) Increasing its length
(c) Increasing number of turns
(d) Increasing the current through it

16. A transformer is used to light a 100W and 110V lamp using a 220V main supply. If the supply current is 0.5A, then the efficiency of the transformer is
(a) 100%
(b) 99%
(c) 90.1%
(d) 85%

17. The angle of incidence for an equilateral prism of refractive index p 3 so that the ray is parallel to the base inside the prism is
(a) 30
(b) 20
(c) 60
(d) 45

18. The principle of superposition is basic to the phenomenon of
(a) Total internal reaction
(b) Interference
(c) reaction
(d) refraction

19. The work function of silver and sodium are 4.6 and 2.3 eV respectively. The ratio of the slope of the stopping potential versus frequency plot for silver to that of sodium is,
(b) 2
(c) 4
(d) zero

20. The waves that are bent down by the Ionosphere are
(a) Ground waves
(b) Surface waves
(c) Space waves
(d) Sky waves

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