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Organisation : Sri Siddhivinayaka Residential School
Exam : Common Entrance Test
Document Type : Model Question Paper
Category or Subject : VII Standard

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VII STD Common Entrance Test Model Question Paper :

Class: VII Std.
Marks: 60
Time: 1 hour 15 min.

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English :
1. Name the kinds of noun underlined. 1X2=2
a. He has knowledge.
b. The table is made of wood.

2. Give the plural of the followings. 1X2=2
a. Boy
b. Leaf

3. Give the opposite gender of the followings. 1X2=2
a. Lion
b. Hen

4. Answer in about six sentences. 1X4=4
a. What all do you learn in school?

Mathematics : 1×12=12
5. Find the L. C. M of 10 and 15.
6. Write the place value of 5 in 235892.
7. Multiply: 18.5 X 30
8. Simplify : 5×2+3×2+10×2
9. Find the area of rectangle whose length is 12cm and breadth is 8cm.
10. Multiply: 5/12X48/20
11. List the set of natural numbers.
12. Add: 5/6+2/3
13. Multiply: 2x X 3x2y
14. What is the area of a square of side 8cm?
15. Add: (-12)+(-7)
16. The smallest whole number is _______

Science : 1×12=12
17. Give one example for kinetic energy.
18. The seeds have one cotyledon known as_________
19. During Photosynthesis ______________ gas is released as by product.
20. Name a liquid metal used in thermometer.
21. Write a chemical formula of ammonia.
22. ________ is a liquid non-metal.
23. How many grams equal one kilogram?

24. Animals do not have back bone is called as________
25. Water boils at _______0C
26. Write the SI Unit of force?
27. ________is a chemical symbol of potassium.
28. Give one example of dicotyledon seed

History & Civics, Geography : 1×10=10
29. Name the two main cities of Indus valley civilization?
30. Who was the founder of Jainism?
31. What were the two sects of Buddhism?

32. Who wrote Arthashastra?
33. How many houses are there in Indian Parliament?
34. Which latitude divides the Earth into two hemispheres?
35. Which longitude is known as “Greenwich Mean Time”?

General Knowledge : 1×4=4
39. How many districts are there in Karnataka?
40. Expand: WHO
41. Which is our National Game?
42. Which is the Capital of Kerala?

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