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Foundation Of Information Technology Sample Question Papers :

Class-IX (TERM – II)
TIME : 3 Hrs
MM : 80.

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Section – A :
1. Proneeta has made a presentation for her new ad campaign. The content is ready but she does not have time to design backgrounds and decide on color schemes for the presentation. Name the feature which will help her to createa professional presentation without devoting much time. 1

2. Girish Ramanuj is interested in storing data of his monthly expenditure for a period of one year and also wants to perform some calculations and analysis. Which Office application will ou suggest Girish should use for this purpose?

3. Daanish Jayant is not able to understand the difference between Normal View and Outline View in Presentation Tool, write one major difference between them. 1
4. Slide Transition and Custom animations are two options available in Presentation Tools, which option helps you to include special effects on various text boxes and images during designing a slide? 1

5. Fareeda is trying to put many pictures and text on a particular slide. Whenever, she is re-positioning the text box, all other picture objects shift to different positions. Which option, you will suggest her to fix positions of all the picture objects in one go in a particular manner? 1

6. Out of the following external file(s), which one(s) will help you include sound in your presentation?
7. The formula in cell A2 is =B2+C3. On copying this formula to cell C2, what will the formula be?
8. What will be the cell address of the cell formed by the intersection of the fifth column and the eighth row?

9. Differentiate between relative referencing and mixed referencing with respect to a presentation tool.
10. Name the toolbar of the spreadsheet package which has all the options of changing the font properties.

11. What extra hardware is required for adding and testing narration in a presentation Tool?
12. Out of the following list pick out the option(s) that is not a type of Plagiarism:Adding New Content, Potluck Paper, Ghost Writer, Photocopy 1

13. Amit has learnt photo editing and now he is planning to get a career in web designing, which of the following should he essentially learn
(a) C++
(b) HTML
(c) Spreadsheet Package
(d) Presentation Package

14. Define the terms Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights clearly bringing out the difference between the two.
15. Name the cells included in the range reference A1: B2

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