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RRB Chennai NTPC Graduate Online Mock Test : Railway Recruitment Board

Name of the Organisation : Railway Recruitment Board Chennai
Name of the Paper : NTPC Graduate Online Mock Test
Year : 2015
Name of the Post : Commercial Apprentices, Goods Guard, Jr.Asst, Sr.Clerk, Asst Station Master

Website :

NTPC Graduate Online Mock Test :

General Instructions :
** Total duration of examination is 90 minutes (120 minutes for PWD Candidates with Scribe).

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** The clock will be set at the server. The countdown timer in the top right corner of screen will display the remaining time available for you to complete the examination. When the timer reaches zero, the examination will end by itself. You will not be required to end or submit your examination.

The Question Palette displayed on the right side of screen will show the status of each question using one of the following symbols:
** 1 You have not visited the question yet.
** 3 You have not answered the question.
** 5 You have answered the question.
** 7 You have NOT answered the question, but have marked the question for review.
** 9 You have answered the question, but marked it for review.
** The Marked for Review status for a question simply indicates that you would like to look at that question again.
** If a question is answered and Marked for Review, your answer for that question will be considered in the evaluation.

** You can click on the “>” arrow which appears to the left of question palette to collapse the question palette thereby maximizing the question window. To view the question palette again, you can click on “<” which appears on the right side of question window.

Navigating to a Question :
To answer a question, do the following :

** Click on the question number in the Question Palette at the right of your screen to go to that numbered question directly. Note that using this option does NOT save your answer to the current question.

** Click on Save & Next to save your answer for the current question and then go to the next question. ** Click on the question number in the Question Palette at the right of your screen to go

** Click on Mark for Review & Next to save your answer for the current question, mark it for review, and then go to the next question.

Answering a Question :

Procedure for answering a multiple choice type question :

** To select your answer, click on the button of one of the options

** To deselect your chosen answer, click on the button of the chosen option again or click on the Clear Response button

** To change your chosen answer, click on the button of another option

** To save your answer, you MUST click on the Save & Next button

** To mark the question for review, click on the Mark for Review & Next button. If an answer is selected for a question that is Marked for Review, that answer will be considered in the evaluation.

** To change your answer to a question that has already been answered, first select that question for answering and then follow the procedure for answering that type of question.

** Note that ONLY Questions for which answers are saved or marked for review after answering will be considered for evaluation.

About Us :

** Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), Madras (now Chennai) functions under the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. It is primarily responsible for recruiting the working and supervisory staff (Group ‘C’) required for Chennai, Salem and Tiruchirappalli Divisions and Head Quarters office of Southern Railway (SR) and Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai.

Selection Procedure :

** RRB calls for eligible applicants through “Employment News” (A publication of the Government of India). The employment notification is also published on the Internet web site. The applications are scrutinized for eligibility. The eligible candidates are called for a written examination with call letters being sent a month in advance of the date of the examination.

** In most of the categories of jobs, there is no interview after the written examination. In some categories, there will be a second stage written examination. In categories related to operational safety, there will be a psychological test.

** The application-details furnished by successful candidates are verified and they are called for counselling and scrutiny of original documents. A panel of names is then recommended to Southern Railway / Integral Coach Factory to the extent of vacancies. The candidates will be required to pass a medical examination before appointment. © 2021

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