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Organisation : Central Board Of Secondary Education
Exam : Central Board Exam
Document Type : Sample Question Papers
Category or Subject : Home Science/Class IX

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Home Science Sample Question Papers :

Class-IX (TERM – II) :
TIME : 3 Hrs
MM : 80.

Section – A :
General instructions :
** All questions are compulsory

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** There are 37 questions in all. Question nos. 1 to 12 carry one mark each which are multiple choice type questions. Four alternative choices have been given, of which, only one is correct. You have to select the correct choice.

** Question nos. 13 to 24 carry 2 marks each, to be answered in 10-20 words, question nos. 25 to 32 carry 3 marks each, to be answered in 20-40 words and question nos. 33 to 37 carry 4 marks each, to be answered in 40-100 words.

** Support your answer with suitable examples wherever required.

1. In order to reduce pain in case of a burn, immediately dip the burnt portion in
a) cold water
b) luke warm water
c) ice cold water
d) hot water

2. If a person gets electrocuted, the first thing you should do is to
a) ask the person to wear rubber shoes
b) disconnect the source of electricity
c) disconnect the person by pulling him off
d) call the police

3. In case of cuts, the first thing you should do is to
a) wash with warm water
b) bandage the part
c) apply ice
d) get anti-tetanus injection

4. In case of a limb fracture the affected part should be
a) given warm fomentation
b) given cold compress
c) rubbed with balm
d) immobilized

5. Synthetics should be avoided while handling fire because
a) these catch fire quickly and produce lot of heat
b) when they catch fire they dissolve and disappear
c) when they catch fire they stick to the body
d) when they catch fire they produce flame

6. In hot weather silks becomes uncomfortable because they
a) do not absorb moisture
b) have a shine
c) are bad conductor of heat
d) absorb moisture

7. The fabrics most suitable to be worn in winter are
a) wool and synthetics
b) wool and silk
c) synthetics and silks
d) silk and rayon

8. The fabric which does not get stained easily is
a) cotton
b) synthetic
c) rayon
d) silk

9. Absorbency of a fibre is due to its
a) wicking property
b) elasticity
c) strength
d) conductivity

10. Strongest natural fiber is
a) wool
b) nylon
c) silk
d) cotton

11. Felting means bonding of fibers by
a) heat
b) pressure
c) heat and pressure
d) water

12. Fabric which is most resistant to moths and mildew is
a) cotton
b) nylon
c) silk
d) wool

13. What four symptoms would help you to recognize that a person has had poison?
14. Present four precautions to prevent cuts while working in kitchen.
15. How would you know that a person has been bitten by a snake? State two precautions to be taken in such a case?

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  1. What is meant by home science?

    1. Home science is a school subject in which cooking and household management are taught.

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